Videos for the 2019-2020 BCSC and prior editions

Video 2-1
Aqueous Humor Flow through the Distal Outflow System as Seen Using Fluorescein Aqueous Angiography
Video 9-1
Angle Apposition When Going From Light to Dark Conditions
Video 9-2
Angle Apposition Before LPI
Video 9-3
Angle Apposition After LPI, with Angle Opening
Video 9-4
Iridoplasty in the Peripheral Iris
Video 11-1
Video 11-2
Trabeculotomy Over 1 Quadrant
Video 11-3
Trabeculotomy over 360 Degrees
Video 13-1
Transcleral Cyclophotocoagulation
Video 13-2
Fornix-based Trabeculectomy with Running Closure
Video 13-3
Placement of a Releasable Suture for Flap Closure
Video 13-4
Transconjunctival Scleral Flap Suturing at Slit Lamp
Video 13-5
Identifying a Bleb Leak
Video 13-6
Scleral Flap Resuturing and Choroidal Drainage
Video 13-7
Bleb Needling
Video 13-8
Ahmed Valve Implantation
Video 13-9
Baerveldt Tube Shunt Implantation
Video 13-10
Intraoperative Tube Adjustments
Video 13-11
Tube Coverage
Video 13-12
Tube Revision
Video 13-13
Video 13-14
iStent Implantation
Video 13-15
iStent Inject
Video 13-16
Video 13-17
Trabectome: Setup and Procedure
Video 13-18
Kahook Dual Blade Goniotomy
Video 13-19
GATT and Ab Interno Canaloplasty
Video 13-20
Ab Externo Trabeculotomy
Video 13-21
XEN Implantation
Video 13-22